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Why Addiction Help Finder?

Members from the Rayce Rudeen Foundation (RRF) learned from personal experience how difficult it is to find resources to support a loved one living with the disease of addiction. In memory of Rayce Rudeen the Foundation began its non-profit organization to not only collaborate with the community in support, but to hear and reach the needs of the individuals.

This effort has revealed an over-arching stigma that subconsciously prevents healing and growth. It became clear to RRF that our community needed a place to find resources for addiction as well as for those who have a loved one in their life who struggles with the disease.

Thanks to our wonderful collaboration with our community members the Addiction Help Finder
website has been developed to provide resources with minimal barriers in getting assistance for all individuals

Addiction Help Finder - Finding Resources

One of our community’s loudest and most prominent needs is for a single, inclusive source that provides easy access to resources for those impacted by drug and alcohol abuse. It is vital to remove the stigma surrounding addiction, pursue the healing process and to address the disease of addiction.

Addiction Help Finder (AHF) is the product of three years of work by the Rayce Rudeen Foundation and its collaboration with Washington State University College of Nursing interns, Community Roundtables, and input from other stakeholders. The Addiction Help Finder was created for the purpose of providing countless resources that are easily accessible to anyone with access to the internet.

This website has an easy-to-use approach to find resources that address prevention, treatment, recovery and support. In addition, it is designed to be an impactful tool for professionals who are seeking resources in the areas of addiction for their patients and clients. The majority of the resources are local but it does list national resources, an extensive glossary and information about naloxone as well.

AHF is intended to guide one through the process in finding needed help while avoiding obstacles such as insurance, age, income, or any other barriers.

We Care

It is hoped that the Addiction Help Finder supports you as you seek help and hope in facing the impacts of drug and alcohol abuse. Please contact us with any thoughts, questions, or concerns regarding this tool by following the "contact" link on the bottom right of any page.

Addiction Help Resources for Spokane Washington and Surrounding Areas

Our goal is to simplify the path to recovery from addiction by providing a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate website. We highlight addiction help resources in Spokane and surrounding areas, focusing on prevention, treatment, recovery, and support. Designed for all community members impacted by addiction, our platform serves as a centralized hub of information for individuals, loved ones, and healthcare professionals alike.

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