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Sarah Griffth, MPA, RN Associate Teaching Professor | Washington State University
College of Nursing

College of Nursing Washington State University

Nursing Interns

Meg Beo
Paulina Crownhart
Julia Damon
Veronica Mauri
Jenna VanSanford

Abi Bogen
Nicole Haley
Stephanie Hopkins
Ada White

Ellie Bone
Maritza Mendoza
Claire Sick
Emily Stratton

Addiction Help Finder Round Table Participants

Amanda Dugger, Spokane Regional Health District
Dave Noll, Redeemer Lutheran Church
Hallie Burchinal, Compassionate Addiction Treatment (CAT)
Nicole Rodin, WSU College of Pharmacy
Sarah Grith, WSU College of Nursing

Spokane Regional Health District
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Compassionate Addiction Treatment logo
College of Pharmacy Washington State University

Help Finder Glossary

The Recovery Research Institute, for use of definitions from their Addictionary®
in our glossary:

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