Adult & Teen Challenge – Tri-Cities, WA Campus (Men’s)

2524 W Pearl St, Pasco, WA 99301, USA


2524 W Pearl St, Pasco, WA 99301, USA

2524 W Pearl St, Pasco, WA 99301, USA

Phone Number

  • 877-302-7149
2524 W Pearl St, Pasco, WA 99301, USA


2524 W Pearl St, Pasco, WA 99301, USA


8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


"Campus phone number: 509-547-2389. Adult & Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest is a non profit dedicated to putting hope within reach of every person struggling with addiction through long-term residential discipleship. Their comprehensive recovery program is designed to help those struggling with addiction and life controlling issues become healthy and whole in all areas of life: mentally, physically and spiritually. Their program is not only designed to help the individual achieve sobriety, but also to provide a safe place for them to encounter God; creating lasting change and life transformation."

Insurance Information

  • No Insurance
  • Insurance Not Required

What is Supported?

Help Offered

  • Recovery
  • Support

Substance Help

  • Opioids
  • Alcohol
  • Other Substances

Who They Serve

  • 18 and Older
  • Serves Males

Inpatient / Outpatient

  • Outpatient

Religious Orientation

Faith Based

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