Latah Recovery Center

531 S Main, Ste B


531 S Main, Ste B

531 S Main, Ste B

Phone Number

    531 S Main, Ste B


      531 S Main, Ste B



      Latah Recovery Center offers support services for males and females, age 18 and above, who are facing substance abuse and mental and behavioral issues. Services include behavioral support services to include coaching and peer services, free 24/7/365 behavioral health crisis center, a recovery podcast, safe syringe exchange and harm reduction program, a University of Idaho student recovery program. Substances addressed include opiods and other substances. Services are offered in a non faith-based, outpatient environment.

      Insurance Information

      • No Insurance
      • Insurance Not Required

      What is Supported?

      Help Offered

      • Recovery
      • Recovery

      Substance Help

      • Opioids
      • Alcohol
      • Other Substances

      Who They Serve

      • 18 and Older
      • Serves All Genders
      • CO-ED
      • Serves Males
      • Serves Females

      Inpatient / Outpatient

      • Outpatient

      Religious Orientation

      Not faith based