LDS Family Services

11707 E Sprague, Ste 202, 99206


11707 E Sprague, Ste 202, 99206

11707 E Sprague, Ste 202, 99206

Phone Number

  • (509)926-6581 Spokane Office | 208-457-0412 Idaho Office
11707 E Sprague, Ste 202, 99206


  • Coord: Donna Taggart
11707 E Sprague, Ste 202, 99206


9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


LDS Family Services offers treatment and support services for males and females, of all ages, who are struggling with addiction. Services include addiction recovery and counseling, general addiction and pornography addiction; services must be authorized by a bishop, stake president or mission president. Substances addressed include opioids, alcohol, and other substances as well as pornography. Services are offered in a faith-based, non-residential environment.

Insurance Information

  • No Insurance
  • Insurance Not Required

What is Supported?

Help Offered

  • Recovery

Substance Help

    Who They Serve

    • 18 and Older
    • 17 and Younger
    • Serves Males
    • Serves Females
    • Serves All Genders
    • Support Family & Friends

    Inpatient / Outpatient

    • Outpatient

    Religious Orientation

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